About Us

Restaurant Mazagan

Moroccan Mediterranean Cuisine

Mazagan is a Moroccan and Mediterranean culinary oasis, located in the heart of the historical village of Piermont New York. Influenced by traditional authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Mazagan transports you to the heart of Moroccan hospitality without crossing the Atlantic. Enjoy the Moroccan cuisine with a multitude of flavors, notes, and aromas; a feast for your senses.

Our menu consists of a contemporary twist to Moroccan lamb, beef, poultry dishes, Tagines, Couscous as well as seafood familiar to the extensive coastline of Morocco. If you have a penchant for vegetarian dishes, those can also be found here in your choice of spinach, eggplant, and other dishes. A wide selection of Kababs are also available off the open Charcoal grill.

Desserts varies from pastry puffs, Crème brûlée and almond-flavored pastries home-made by our chef and owner Hannan Alaoui. We would love to welcome you to our Home and taste the Moroccan Flavors.